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How to Enable the Developer Tab in Excel 2011 The issue I am running into is that the file is operated by button controls, but when I press them, the nothing happens.

Excel 2011 Software Installation

Button controls in Windows are either ActiveX or Form controls. Replace the ActiveX control with a Form control. They are found on the Developer tab.

Use the Developer tab to create or delete a macro in Excel for Mac

Next you link a macro to the Form control and away you go. I am using Office for Mac Autocomplete is working on some of my Excel spreadsheets but not all. This is one of my frustrations with Autocomplete: It only works with a continuous column of cells. It only recognizes cell contents below the last blank row.

There are just too many keys to hold down to do basic debugging.

How do I enter design mode on Excel Mac 2011?

How can we improve it? Thank you. Top of Page. This box should be checked. Sub InsertTime ActiveCell.

How can one shortcut do two different things? The existing chorded keyboards I can find are weird shaped with buttons in odd places…not too useful for what I want. The second one would only work when an object is selected and you have more than one object.

Creating a time-stamp button

I was able to reprogram:. I was not able to reprogram Continue, a rather important debugging command.

Record a macro

On opening excel documents, I cannot see any entries in the cell. When I look at the ribbon line, I can see the entry, but it does not appear in the workbook. This is happening on all the files I try to open. If I select all on the worksheet and change the font to something like Arial Black, then everything shows up. Actually, yes I did see this one time, but it was only with one file. Good thinking on finding the font problems.

Hi there. I have a 15 sheet workbook in excel. However, for some reason only ONE sheet opens and there are no tabs for the other sheets within the workbook showing when I open the workbook on my mac pro.

Where is the Developer Tab in Excel 2011

If I open the workbook on a pc all pages are showing. There was a time when all sheets were available when opened on my mac, but not any more.

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Has anyone else had this issue? This box should be checked. I have a MacBook Pro with Lion I am also running Fusion 4. I have several spreadsheets created on the PC Windows Excel older versions that are workbooks with several tabs and Macros that have been set up to run various programs. Was considering buying Excel for Mac, but was worried about running the older excel programs with Macros on the Mac side. I am sharing programs with PC users, so I need to be totally compatible with the PC when running and revising programs.

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This Excel tutorial explains how to display the developer tab in the toolbar in Excel for Mac (with screenshots and step-by-step instructions). In Microsoft . Apr 1, If you are coming from Office for Windows to Office for Mac you will find a lot of differences, specifically when it comes to find tools you may.

Do you think the Mac version will be ok for me, or should I buy the PC version to be safe? I would get the PC version to be safe. You can use Form Controls in both versions, but you have to KNOW which control you have in the older Excel windows file because they look similar on first appearance. A drop-down combo list control, or a button could be either type unless you check the properties. ActiveX controls can be replaced by Form controls, but this takes effort and sometimes there is a good deal of code in the ActiveX control that has to be moved to a module.

It seems to be tied to the preference to edit directly in cell. If you turn off the edit-in-cell preference so that when you double-click on a formula it takes you to the referenced cells—which I do often , then autocomplete no longer works. Seems like a bug in the program to me. How do I turn on the edit-in-cell preference? Hopefully this does the trick. This autocomplete bug makes me crazy. Sorry, found it. Trashed preferences, re-started.

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Toggled autocomplete options on and off. No wonder Apple is killing them. Apple actually has people to help. Type this formula in the cell: Click the black Record button to stop the recording. The code with automatically generated comments removed should look like this:. The now function inserts the current time and date into a cell.

That overwrites the now formula with its current results. You could use the shortcut key to trigger this macro.

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On the Developer tab, under Form Controls, click on Button and then draw a button on your worksheet. In the Assign Macro dialog box, choose the InsertTime macro. Right-click on the button to reposition, resize or edit it. To use the time-stamp button to record when you started on or finished a project, just select the appropriate cell in the Start or End column and click on the button.

Now that you can record the times you worked on a project, the next step is to add formulas that will calculate the total time you spent and then apply that time to your hourly rate. The first one is simple: The formula for calculating the billing is a little trickier. Instead, you have to translate the time value into hours and minutes and then apply the hourly rate to each portion. To name a cell, you select it, then enter the name in the Name box the entry area at the far left of the formula bar ; the name should have no spaces in it.

The billing formula then extracts the number of hours from the total time and multiplies that by the hourly rate, then extracts the number of minutes and multiplies that by the hourly rate divided by You can tweak this sheet as necessary to suit your needs. For example, if you manage multiple employees or consultants, you could create a separate worksheet tab for each one. Pull Excel data into Word docs.

Three must-see Excel tricks. Excel vs.