Rocketdock mac os x snow leopard

Mac OSX Leopard SkinPack You can download additional skins, icon sets, and docklets—dock plug-ins that enhance the functionality of RocketDock.


Mac OS X's built-in Dock is what most people think of when they hear about application docks. It's smooth, attractive, and easy to use. Application shortcuts are docked on the left, minimized applications and documents are on the right.

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Dock's Stacks feature new in Leopard, improved in Snow Leopard helps you keep your desktop clutter to a minimum while giving you quick access to folder navigation. Related documents, downloads, and applications can be turned into a Stack, making it easy to quickly preview the grouping from a single icon on the dock instead of cluttering up the dock or desktop with dozens of icons.

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In addition to previewing windows and sorting them in stacks, the dock also supports secure deletion of files. It's simple, straightforward, and a default favorite for most Mac users..

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ObjectDock is another excellent Windows dock system that predates the introduction of the Windows 7 Taskbar-as-dock. ObjectDock is easily customized to fit the layout and theme of your system. Thousands of skins and alternative icons are available, and like RocketDock, it also supports Docklets for enhancing functionality.

ObjectDock can be integrated with your existing Windows taskbar or it can replace it entirely. To keep ObjectDock running smoothly even on lower-end machines, you can customize the performance options to keep the core functionality while ditching some of the swankier animations and transitions. ObjectDock also includes a feature that allows you to package up your current customizations—great for backing up your ObjectDock tweaks and sharing them with others.

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If you upgrade to the Plus version, you get additional features, like the ability to run multiple docks and create a tabbed dock. Just because you voted "Independent" in the Operating System Elections doesn't mean you're going to be left out in the cold when it comes docks.

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Make Vista Menu's, Startbar and More look like Mac OS X Leopard. Welcome! Now you need a MAC OS X skin for you're rocket dock. Download the Leopard. May 10, RocketDock - The single greatest piece of software. Ever.

Docky is a dock interface to the extremely popular Gnome-Do application launcher. You can customize it, too, with a selection of skins, icon packs, and other add-ons from the developer site.


You can achieve the same result by dragging the icon away from the Dock. Apple calls them Menu Extras, but Mac fans on the Internet have named them menulets. Double Click the. Drag a document icon onto a Dock folder icon. With Safari, you learn the way you learn best. This is the fixed version that doesn't look stupid when used with tiny icons. The menulet lets you choose which of your multiple virtual screens you want to see.

Like RocketDock, ObjectDock places an animated launcher on your desktop. Rather than a transparent toolbar, though, it uses a table-top graphic upon which your apps sit. You can add multiple docks to organize apps or folders into logical groupings and also configure docklets that fly out to display folders and files. On the surface, Executor is a simple launcher that sits in the Windows taskbar.

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You click it, type the name of the app, folder, or file you want, and Executor opens it. You can also assign keywords to apps for quicker searching.

Snow Leopard Skin For Rocketdock

Executor uses keywords to launch apps and perform other functions like revealing your clipboard history and shutting down your computer. You could stop there if you wanted and still reap huge productivity dividends. But Executor has more up its sleeve. Using the same keyword method, you can use it to shut down or restart your computer, reveal your clipboard history, grab your IP address, and more.

Now that its finnaly installed remove all the Shortcut's and other things on the dock by Dragging them onto the desktop, They will go poof and dissapear. After you extract the File open the new folder that appears In the folder there is another Folder called Mac OS X Leopard You don't need to open that folder Move or copy that folder to the rocketdock Skin's folder The Skins folder is found by: What you think you're done? Now you need some stuff to put in the Dock Here i will suggest the stuff to put in it What i use: Download the icons Heres the info Download: Currently i'm using Aqua dock for windows which i downloaded after reading article here: But i think i should also give this one a try, because i've seen Rocket dock in number 1 for most of the articles.

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