How to install mac os x snow leopard on vmware workstation 9

Install Mac 10.6.4 Snow Leopard on VMware Player with Pre Installed Mac VMware Image We want to avoid legal trouble, so please don't share links like this in posts or comments.

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Browse Categories: Anything else is in violation of the license agreement. Well, at least for Leopard there were some unofficial hacks to install it with VMware Fusion but I never bothered Apple does only allow virtualization of Snow Leopard Server on a Mac host. It is e. But that won't help you.

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How to install Mac OS X One could also install it in VirtualBox… VB is free for just a little bit longer than 30 days ;-. What do I need to copy to get server tools? Also, after installation, vmware tools breaks everything. The UI gets jacked up. Is there a fix? Also, how can I use gestures in the vm? My host os picks them up. When executing the following command: Actually, using Google, I was able to find a copy here: Anyone know the process to upgrade a vmware workstation VM of This is my OSInstall.

Anyone have trouble installing Java on the VM after doing this? An error occurred while evaluating the JavaScript for the package.

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Learn how to Install Snow leopard MAC OSX inside of Windows (Intel based) using VMware Workstation 9, courtesy of QualiTest's knowledge base. Oct 17, Install Mac Snow Leopard on VMware Player with Pre Installed Mac VMware Image 9) USB Devices Access You can use the method to run Snow leopard in VMware workstation, which is having snapshot feature.

Install Java http: But if I simply did leave the VMware-created nvram file alone, booting of the Lion installer did work just fine. Hence, simply skip step 9 I also made one little change to step 8: Well, I managed to follow this with the app store full version. Worked well.

How To Install Mac OSX Snow Leopard 10 6 7 Intel AMD Vmware Image On Vmware Workstation 10

I didnt understand the sudo stuff and did it to the letter and all worked well. Great guide. Thanks to the author. The cd-rom and HDD activity is none. Lol, ok my bad, i was installing with ServerVersion. I retried now without the nvram above and so far is going well.. Ill keep you posted. This virtual machine will power off.

I have done step 12 a few times with no luck. I have tried the nvram from Here: I initially copied and pasted these commands and then I read something about curly quotes vs. I then redid step 5 by carefully typing the commands. Here is the result:.

Install & Run Mac OS X 10.7 Lion in a Virtual Machine with VMWare

In der […]. Cancel and OK are my only options. If I click OK, it keeps restarting saying same error message. If I click Cancel it stops and suspends the VM. But I still get the same error message over and over! Someone please help. Any and all comments are appreciated. After finish installation, try out the new Lion OS..

OMG, damn slow.. Is there any extra setting on VMWare?

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My system running with Lion seems to be veryvery slow… Intel Core i3 2. This is not supposed to work with Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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Why Pre Installed Mac Snow Leopard Image?

You'll know this is resolved because OSX will shutdown to the VMware workstation GUI rather than displaying a screen asking you to hold down the power button. Resolve the kernel panic problem set smc. All you need to do is: Would suck if something was wrong with the file system or a virus installed and it wiped all attached drives!!! It went ahead with the restart necessary for the installation, and Holmes Holmes 2 5.