Scipy mac os x 10.9 This also means that pip by default will work without sudo as all of homebrew, so if you ever run or have to run sudo pip If you performed these steps, please close your terminal windows and open a new one for the changes to take effect.

Option 2: Anaconda

now for scipy. easy_install cython. # make sure you have Homebrew. brew install gfortran. # if this is too slow or has an error. # install gfotran from the Mac OS X. Scientific Python on Mac OS X + with homebrew nowadays there are two good ways to install numpy and scipy: via pip or via brew.

Test the above again. Even if the above check worked, run the following anyhow and read through its output no output is good:. Pay special attention if this tells you to install XQuartz, and if it does, install it! For each of them and for their possible options: To do this you should first upgrade everything installed with brew like this:.

How to install Numpy and Scipy on Mac OS X Mavericks () using Pip. · GitHub

Once installed you should be able to run the following either in a virtualenv or globally for your whole system:. It will check your installed packages for new versions and give you a list of outdated packages. A word of warning about the brewed packages: If you find the pip package works like a charm then, please let me know in the comments below so i can update this guide.

Pillow via pip and Updating section Python Programmer Tea Time. Seriously amazing — thank you!

I just ran into a problem with this. Although it appears to take forever! I just removed the —with-tex to install without latex and it worked fine.

Science, code and stuff…

I hardly ever use tex anyway. I had the same problem. Installed MacTex using: Installed with no errors: The install was successful. A LaTeX distribution is required for Homebrew to install this formula. You can download from: This is optional for Matplotlib. You can install with Homebrew Cask: An unsatisfied requirement failed this build. OK — I solved this problem.

Install NumPy, SciPy, scikit-learn on Mac OS X

When you open a new shell, it should be there. As part of it, you will have to install XCode free from the App Store and its associated command line tools. This is what makes this option time consuming. Once you've installed Homebrew, you have access to a new command in the terminal, brew. You can use this command to install Python 3, NumPy, and Matplotlib.

Then you're good to go! This option gives you access to some powerful tools, like pip and brew.

How to Install Python 3.6 on Mac OS X

Other command line tools, like for example git , can be installed with brew install git. It will make programming on Mac OS X a lot easier, in the end! For some more information, see the Homebrew and Python wiki page. Anaconda is an all-in-one solution that will set up Python and all of the scientific Python tools all at once.

All you have to do is download and install it! Once installed, you should be able to run Python code that uses Numpy and Matplotlib. But, that might not be a big issue -- it depends what you end up using in the future! The quick start guide is a good resource for the most common issues with Anaconda. The easiest way would be to use pip http: Pip will give you a list of python packages that you can search and install from and pip will handle the configuration and update of these packages.

Then you can use pip to install numpy using sudo pip install numpy which will install the package numpy. I do not have enough reputation to comment on the answer above me but as I have used Anaconda I would like to point out that Anaconda is a full IDE and that installing Anaconda also installs another version of Python on your system which can cause issues when using the shell or running your python programs that require packages provided by Anaconda outside of the IDE.

Installing numpy using pip didn't work for me on Mac OSX It was not detected. Instead I installed using brew , and it worked!

Consider a virtual environment

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Copy link Quote reply. Thank you, this solution works for me. I did however have to make one change, I had to quote the line that exported CXX: Good catch, it should have been quoted. It works, thank you.

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